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HIPAA Services

HIPAA Consulting Services


HIPAA Group offers a variety of consulting services for Covered Entities, Business Associates, and other entities. HIPAA consulting services may be priced on an hourly or a per-project basis. Examples of consulting services we have provided include

  • Helping a national onsite workplace healthcare provider develop its overall HIPAA strategy.
  • Developing custom Policies and Procedures for a variety of organizations.
  • Assisting an online data backup company (Business Associate) in developing “HIPAA Ready” materials, policies, and content for its website and other collateral materials.
  • Working with a national healthcare marketing firm to develop HIPAA related strategies and business plans.
  • Helping an international petroleum company prepare its affected employees for HIPAA.
  • Assisting Covered Entities with the sale, transfer, or merger of a medical practice.
  • Working with a major US university system to separate its FERPA issues from its HIPAA administration.
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HIPAA On Site Training Delivery


While people love HIPAA Group’s online training, there is no substitute for live, on site, instructor led live training. HIPAA Group can bring our top rated on site training right to your facility on your schedule. We can customize our on site training with your logo and “look and feel,” so learners are instantly comfortable with our presentations. We have brief, basic training programs for front-line staff, as well as more comprehensive programs for managers, directors, and decision makers. And all our on site HIPAA training programs are delivered by HIPAA experts – people who know how to communicate HIPAA’s details and requirements in language your staff will understand and relate to.

  • On site HIPAA training at your facilities - at your convenience.
  • Less costly than traveling to off site seminars.
  • Day or night, weekday or weekend - we accommodate your schedule.
  • You provide the room - we deliver complete and effective HIPAA training.
  • Complete reference and training materials are always included.
  • Exceeds HIPAA's legal training and documentation requirements.
  Contact sales AT HIPAAgroup.com for more information or a quotation.

Compliance Resources


HIPAA Group publishes an assortment of the most essential HIPAA compliance resources, all of which are available on our secure retail website: HIPAAstore.com.

At the HIPAA Store site, you'll find the following resources to help you become - and remain - compliant with HIPAA law and Regulations:

  • HIPAA Training - The best in the business! Online, DVD-based, and in-person.
  • Policies and Procedures - editable versions for Covered Entities and Business Associates.
  • HIPAA Forms - editable versions for Covered Entities and Business Associates.
  • Model Business Associate Agreements - required between CEs and BAs.
  • Notices of Privacy Practices - in several versions.
  • Assessment Tools - gauge how well your workforce knows HIPAA.
  • HIPAA Awareness Tools - help ensure your workforce stays on top of HIPAA all year long.
  Contact sales AT HIPAAgroup.com for more information or a quotation.



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